About MLM

Our team is creating collaborative spaces that encourage students to express their ideas and develop their identities in math.

Our Project Origins

The Mathematical Thinkers Like Me project builds on the work of the Virtual Math Team (VMT) project of The Math Forum.

Project Videos

Videos about the project and executive functions in practice, plus you can meet some of our amazing students.

Our Teacher Partners

Meet the amazing teachers who are making this happen in their classrooms in Newark, New Jersey, and Vista, California.

The Research & Development Team

We’re researchers in psychology and math education, curriculum writers, and software developers located at Rutgers-Newark, Swarthmore College, the 21st Century Partnership for STEM Education, and the University of Sydney.

Activity Design Principles

A padlet about the goals we have for the collaborative activities that students interact with in Virtual Math Teams.

Activity Before and After

What’s it look like when we adapt a standalone Desmos activity for the VMT Environment? Check out this Google doc.

Our Funder

EF+Math is an advanced research and development (R&D) program that funds and supports teams of educators, researchers, and developers to co-create rigorous math learning approaches that improve learning outcomes and affirm the brilliance of Black and Latinx students and students experiencing poverty.